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Back in June, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) announced “Tourism and Community Development” as this year’s theme for World Tourism Day. Since tourism statistics are mainly focused on the numbers of incoming foreign visitors, the role local communities play in the tourism industry is often overlooked…[ Read More ]

For many people, traveling involves merely admiring a place and taking in the experience of just being there. By doing so, they hope to achieve self-enlightenment while carrying out recreational activities, but sometimes they lack an awareness of their surroundings…[ Read More ]

JAKARTA, — Ada rencana apa untuk mengisi akhir pekan? Jika belum ada, coba Anda ikuti tamasya bersama Wanderlust Indonesia. Komunitas traveling berkonsep sociopreneurship ini menawarkan program terbaru bertemakan “Jakarta Heritage Trip”…[ Read More ]

Wanderlust Indonesia sebagai sebuah social business percaya bahwa di era millennial ini slogan “The Power of Netowrking” itu sangat hebat pengaruhnya. Kolaborasi dan menjalin kerjasama dengan pihak lain yang satu visi pasti akan membuahkan hasil yang berdampak positif bagi masyarakat atau komunitas terkait…[ Read More ]

Have you ever tried combining your corporate outing with social activity? Have you ever heard about Responsible Travel? or Have you and your company members visited local village as a different way to enjoy corporate outing? Let’s find out what you can get through this article…[ Read More ]

31 Desember 2013 menjadi moment bersejarah bagi 3 anak bangsa Indonesia yang penuh dengan semangat positif yaitu Dini Hajarrahmah, Syahira Marina dan Fany Ayuningtyas, karena tepat pada tanggal tersebut mereka bertiga mendeklarasikan Wanderlust Indonesia sebagai salah satu social enterprise di Indonesia yang mengusung tema tourism, travel dan voluntary, yang dikenal dengan nama Wanderlust Indonesia…[ Read More ]

Community Engage

Wanderlust Indonesia professionally concerns to build engagement with Community Development, News Platform and Institution


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Anak Nusantara Cahaya dan Taman Baca Paniis Ujung Kulon

Wanderlust connects with two communities within Ujung Kulon. They are Anak Nusantara Cahaya and Taman Baca Paniis (Paniis Library). We have conducted voluntary activity while doing group trip. We also have regular program in weekend called Weekend Teacher in Ujung Kulon. Through those activities we expect that the children in the local area can get more insight about pursuing their dream, while this becomes an escape gateway for Wanderers to enjoy weekend time. We have Mr. Ramli and Kang Hendra as Local Champion in Ujung Kulon.

Yayasan Rumpun Anak Pesisir

YRAP is one of underrated community in Jakarta. Why underrated? The vision of YRAP is too genuine however they lack of exposure and engagement with related-institution thus they have a problem of managing the projects. Located in Penjaringan, Muara Angke, North Jakarta, this community has vision to accommodate local children who live within secluded area near center market of fish and sea creatures. We have conducted visitation, voluntary action for the children and informal training for the committee.

Locals of Bayan, Lombok

As one of beautiful destination in Lombok, Bayan becomes one of the most underrated places of tourism spot. Near the trekking way of Mount Rinjani, Bayan has a pretty amazing scenery and culture inside. The Bayan people itself, as the community who lives beside nature and original culture of the village, believe that human won’t be able to live without the existence of nature. Wanderlust keeps in touch with Mr. Awan, as the Local Champion in Bayan.

Gunung Padang, West Java

As one of the most exotic place that exist in Indonesia, Mount Padang offers the truly miracle around it. As the biggest Megalithic Site in Southeast Asia, Mount Padang also has the friendly-atmosphere. The existence of local culture and nice locals become magnet for every single traveler to come again. We connect with Abah Dadi as one of Local Champion in Mount Padang area.