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About Us


Wanderlust Indonesia is a travel social enterprise that create an authentic and responsible traveling experience by connecting traveler and local people. We offer travel package for group, private, corporate outing, University/school field trip, and consultancy project to develop a sustainable and community-based tourism destination.

How Us Works?





Indonesia has a lot of very potential tourism destinations with various attraction from mountain, beach, forest, national park, village and other. it attracts around 8.8 million international travelers and 252 million domestic travelers.

However we are facing some serious problems, i.e. lack of awarness and skill from the locals to maintain their area, most of locals are trapped by financial matter and also environmental degradation
in the tourism destination because of irresponsible travelers.

This is our call. Wanderlust Indonesia aspires and very eager to contribute making a change by change the way people travel. We would like to create a community-based tourism in every Indonesia’s potential tourism destination. Our big idea is to connect the experience-seeker traveler like you who seek for meaningful and authentic travel experience with the local vilagers who need to be developed.

“Now, through Wanderlust, there is a good reason why you should travel if you know that you could make a change through traveling.”

our team

Syahira Marina

Syahira hold a degree of Urban Planning from Diponegoro University. Her love to travel and relate her knowledge in urban planning to tourism is what make her love to be part of Wanderlust Indonesia. She run the business development, marketing ideas, and build network to several stakeholders that work with Wanderlust Indonesia.

Dini Hajarrahmah

Dini hold a Master Degree from Boston University majoring Economic Development & Tourism Management and with the dual concentration in Innovation & Technology, receiving LPDP scholarship. She believe that travel is the best school on Earth and that sustainable tourism can be a tool for community development and growth.

Fany Ayuningtyas

Fany is a Chevening scholar with the Master degree from Warwick University majoring Supply Chain and Logistics. Her passion in community development and making the tourism supply chain become as efficient as possible is her dream. She is also love to work with our local community and serve as a volunteer in the destinations.

Didi Guci

Didi graduated from Chemistry at UNPAD and Master in Environmental Engineering at ITB. He used to be the leader of Outing Club in UNPAD back then and has various experience of mountaineering and travel around Indonesia. He has a deep passion in coffee roasting, brewing, and all the science behind coffee.

Verent Sianipar
Intern - Social Media & Marketing

Verent is an intern at Social Media & Marketing. She is in her last semester in Tourism Vocational school at Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Yogyakarta. Her passion in travel and mountaineering together with the community development brought her to be elected to become one of UGM delegation for International Expedition to Mt. Himalaya, Ladakh, India in 2016.

Videographer, Writer & Creative

Byan is at her third year in Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) majoring Urban Planning. Her passion to relate urban planning with tourism is what bring her to Wanderlust Indonesia. She travel around and love to write about her travel experience in her blog. Byan contribute to make travel video in our channel.

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