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What Peoples Say

  • Baru kali ini traveling sambil volunteering dan seruuu banget!!! Tahun baruan kali ini jadi berbeda dan unik karena bareng temen-temen baru juga! 🙂

    Sonya Bonaire
  • Saya sih baru pertama kali ikut trip2 begini… Dan Wanderlust berhasil bikin saya pingin ikutan trip macam begini lagi. kereen! 🙂

    Ardian Hario Wibowo
  • Mengikuti perjalanan dengan wanderlust, membuka mata untuk mengenal travelling dari sisi lain.

    Roy Narupa Yansum
  • Sangat menyenangkan bertemu sama teman2 baru dan dapat berbagi pengalaman dengan anak2 penduduk lokal

    Deni Wahyu Setiawan
  • My trip was starting from Jakarta to Tanjung Puting, doing some environmental project with Orang Utan and living on board experience was totally moved me. After Tanjung Puting, we continue the journey to Labuan Bajo and Waerebo and ended up in Ubud. I really love all the locals that I met during the trip as they are very warm and well-trained. I support Wanderlust Indonesia for developing locals in Ecotourism spot in Indonesia!

    Mike, Canada
  • It was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! I enjoyed the-having-fun part, but what I love the most is that we could share and contribute to our sisters and brothers 🙂

    Marsha Prabandani
  • It was a super unforgettable experience, it is a rare thing to do, to walk around jakarta, but meeting new people is always the best of all. I hope I can make it to another trip. goodluck you guys, so proud!!

    Anindya Restuviani
  • I feel so excited with the experiences, meeting new friends, enjoying the panorama, and sharing knowledge with the locals

    Zasqia Wardhani

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